Public Offering Dates : November 2-3, 2023
Public Offering Price : 10.97 TL
BIST Transaction Code : MARBL
Public Offering Type : Capital Increase and Share Sale
Public Offering Method : Sale on Borsa Istanbul Primary Market (10.97 TL) – Equal Distribution
Brokerage Method : Best Effort Basis
Capital Before Public Offering : 180,000,000 TL Nominal
Capital After Public Offering : 228,600,000 TL Nominal
Capital Increase : 48,600,000 TL Nominal
Share Sale : 10,376,404 TL Nominal
Number of Shares Offered to the Public : 58,976,404 TL Nominal
Public Offering Size : 646,971,152 TL
Public Float Ratio : 25.80%
No-Sale Commitment : 1 year for the Company and Shareholders
Price Stabilization Operations / Duration : Price stabilization operations are planned to be conducted for 30 days from the start of trading of shares on Borsa Istanbul.
Consortium Leader : Tacirler Investment Securities Inc.
Publication Date and Location of the Prospectus Set : October 30, 2023 www.kap.org.tr; www.tacirler.com.tr; www.marblesystemtureks.com.tr

“The content provided here is for promotional and informational purposes only. Investors should make their investment decisions by examining the information in the Prospectus and its Appendices published on the Public Disclosure Platform (www.kap.org.tr) and Tureks Turunç Mining Domestic and Foreign Trade Inc. (www.marblesystemstureks.com.tr) websites regarding the public offering of shares. There is no discretion or approval authority of the Capital Markets Board or Borsa Istanbul in determining the public offering price.”