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Our expert team meticulously processes every detail of natural stone from the largest to the smallest piece, creating touches that reach every corner of the world. Our goal is to offer creative and high-quality marble solutions to our customers, turning their dreams into reality. On our Projects page, we take pride in showcasing a selection from over 100,000 projects we have completed.

Bellagio Hotel | Las Vegas

The Bellagio Hotel project involves the design and construction of an elegant hotel located in the city center. This project uses special marble for the hotel’s elegant lobby, guest rooms, restaurants, private bathrooms, and terrace areas. The unique colors and textures of the marble emphasize the modern style of the hotel, providing guests with a luxurious accommodation experience. The Bellagio Hotel is designed to serve elite guests in the city.

The Mark Hotel | New York

The Mark Hotel project encompasses a charming hotel complex that combines luxury and comfort. In this project, the natural beauty and durability of marble have been used to reflect the overall atmosphere of the hotel. Customized marble designs and flooring have been applied in various areas, from the lobby to guest rooms, and from restaurants to spa sections. The Mark Hotel project uniquely combines aesthetics and functionality, making the hotel truly exceptional.

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre | Kuwait

The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre project involves the creation of a modern business center and commercial complex. In this project, we harness the power of marble to create a professional and prestigious environment. Marble is used in every area, from the entrance hall to elevator coverings, and from common areas to office interior designs, creating an elegant and contemporary business atmosphere. The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre project combines the aesthetics and durability of marble to deliver a structure that meets the needs of the business world.

Condado Vanderbilt Hotel | Puerto Rico

The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel project involves the creation of a luxury resort complex located on a tropical paradise island. In this project, marble is used in various areas such as the general areas of the hotel, suites, spa center, and restaurants. The natural and extraordinary patterns of marble integrate seamlessly with the natural beauty of the hotel, providing guests with a peaceful and relaxing holiday atmosphere. The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel represents a perfect combination of luxury and comfort.

DCOTA – Design Center of the Americas | USA

The DCOTA Design Center project involves the construction of a design center that serves as the center of creativity and innovation. In this project, marble is intended to be used as a contemporary and sophisticated means of expression. The sharp lines and modern patterns of marble highlight the aesthetic vision of the design center, providing visitors with an inspiring environment. DCOTA Design Center is an ideal space to bring together leading names in the design world and promote creativity.

Old Town Garden | Miami

The Old Town Garden project encompasses the construction of a luxury resort located in an area with natural beauty. In this project, customized marble solutions are provided for various areas such as the hotel lobby, rooms, restaurants, pool areas, and spa center. The natural colors and patterns of marble emphasize the comfortable and peaceful atmosphere of the hotel, offering guests an unforgettable holiday experience.

Jeff Andrews | California

The Jeff Andrews project is a modern and elegant residential complex. In this project, we showcase the unlimited potential of marble in luxury living spaces. From kitchen countertops to bathroom walls, from staircase steps to floorings, every detail showcases the rich colors and textures of high-quality marble. The Jeff Andrews project uses the elegance of marble to create a comfortable and stunning living space.

Tysons Corner | Washington

The Tysons Corner Store project includes the design and construction of new stores for an international retail chain. In this project, marble is used for in-store counters, display cases, and special sections. Each store stands out with custom marble designs reflecting the brand’s identity and the visual impact of its products. The Tysons Corner Store project offers customers a luxurious and high-quality shopping experience.

Merrick Park Village | Miami

The Merrick Park Villas project includes a complex of luxury and private residences. In this project, personalized marble designs and details are used for each villa. The natural beauty and functionality of marble take center stage in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, and garden decorations. The Merrick Park Villas project creates unique living spaces, offering customers a distinctive lifestyle in private and stunning locations.